Thursday, July 17, 2008

REVIEW: The Sami Sisters

Dogs Bollix
Thursday 17 July

Words by June Hart
Photos by Charlette Hannah

Madeleine Sami

Anji Sami

Priya Sami

The Sami Sisters have witty banter down to a tee. With stories about fish food and other assorted delicacies, they had the audience laughing between every song during their set on Thursday night at the Dogs Bollix.

Opening with the classic 'Tonight You Belong To Me' (I couldn't help picturing Steve Martin in The Jerk), their three lovely voices blended wonderfully as tends to happen in family bands. Their smooth harmonies were perfectly done like a good pav. Mixing covers and originals by all three sisters, their set was lively and energetic.

Eldest sister, actress Madeleine was the most outgoing of the three, dancing around the stage, apparently hyped up on flu meds. Baby of the family, Priya, seemed to be the repository of most of the stories, with the other two deferring to her jokes during tuning or drinking pauses. Middle sister Anji is apparently the 'singer-songwriter proper', having released The El Dorado EP in 2006.

The sisters had confident stage presence, with an easy going professionalism. Although they all had great voices, Priya in particular was given the chance to shine, performing her catchy radio hit 'Mrs Julian Casablancas'.

The Sami Sisters are a thoroughly entertaining act to watch, with quality music and relaxed humour and I would highly recommend them for any weddings or Bar Mitzvahs you might have coming up. They said they're available.

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