Sunday, July 20, 2008

REVIEW: Brand New Math

Whammy Bar
Saturday 19 July

Words by Lacey Jensen
Photos by Charlette Hannah

Brand New Math continued the dancing and kept people on their feet at the Einstein Music Journal launch party. With all four players sharing vocal duties (even the drummer got up from the drums to sing at one point) and instruments, Brand New Math were a dynamic and interesting band to watch. The singing style wouldn't please purists, but it fit the grunge style of the music.

Catchy riffs were creatively arranged, and the band used all the space on stage - with energy to spare. Some almost theatrical melodies were played with distortion, creating an unusual soundscape. With guitar, keys and synth used variously, and often more than one vocalist, they sure kept things interesting.

Comprised of Bradley Artist, Jordan Fuller, Calum Gunn and Tim Neale, Brand New Math were driving and danceable - a good solid indie rock band to get drunk to on a Saturday night.

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