Thursday, July 17, 2008

REVIEW: Bond St Bridge

Dogs Bollix
Thursday 17 July

Words by June Hart
Photos by Charlette Hannah

Bond St Bridge is one rather European looking fellow (ref: hat and glasses). Replete with a violin, guitar, and 'antique tape echo machine', Sam Prebble, a.k.a Bond St Bridge, played a melancholy and moody set opening for Reb Fountain and The Sami Sisters. Although he also sometimes plays with a band, his set on Thursday was a pleasant solo performance.

Utilising a fair amount of reverb and delay, Sam built up layer after layer of atmospheric music which was ethereal, and yet managed to stay grounded and human. With appealing folky melodies sung with Sam's rich voice, the songs had an almost darkly vaudeville sound to them.

Thumps on the guitar were looped to provide a rhythm section, while layers of violin overlaid with guitar resulted in an almost symphonic backing. The introspective, satirical lyrics added to the depth of sound.

The very first song, played just on the violin, was particularly lovely, and had a celtic influence - appropriate for an Irish pub!

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