Thursday, July 17, 2008

REVIEW: Reb Fountain and The Bandits

Dogs Bollix
Thursday 17 July

Words by June Hart
Photos by Charlette Hannah

Reb Fountain possesses an incredible voice, and a songwriting talent which should see her at the top of the charts. Vocally she achieves an exquisite balance of strong and sweet, with a bit of life thrown in to roughen the mixture up.

With two other guitarists besides Reb herself, drums, bass, keys and violin provided by Sam Prebble of Bond St Bridge, the band is a powerful live unit. They were equally at ease with the more laid back folky songs and the full force rockier ones, which brought to mind PJ Harvey.

The songs were dynamic in structure and delivery, and the balance of mellow and rocky songs was well received. Reb has a skilful ear for melody, and the songs were catchy without being obnoxiously pop.

The audience gradually crept forward, leaning in to listen and get closer, with loud applause and cheers following every song. They were one of the best acts I've seen in a long time, giving a tight and engaging performance.

Reb Fountain and The Bandits depart Auckland for a tour of the North and South Islands at the end of July.

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