Saturday, August 30, 2008

REVIEW: The Mots

Kings Arms
Friday 29 August
Words by June Hart
Photos by Charlette Hannah

'Who are The Mots?' I hear you ask. A good question indeed. With some members rather resembling Motocade, one wonders if they have evil twins, and if so, which band has the evil ones? Not being overly familiar with Motocade, it's hard to judge if the name change is signalling a new musical direction, or if it's the slight changes in lineup are responsible.

Brothers Eden (vocals and guitar) and Will Mulholland (drums) are joined by another family member - Jolyon (keys and guitar), and Rob Collins on bass.

The Mots are a tight band, with an obviously wide range of influences. At times this feels like the band are still trying to find their sound, which results in less clarity for the audience. Having said that, the diverse range of styles within their songs also helps to keep things interesting.

A four piece band, they utilise a variety of instruments and harmonies to bring a full sound to the stage. Melodic and upbeat, they had people dancing, including one rather enthusiastic fellow throwing himself at other audience members.

Easy to digest and catchy, The Mots are your typical pop/rock outfit with elements which could take them out of the ordinary if they figure out exactly where they're going.

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