Saturday, August 30, 2008

REVIEW: Bionic Pixie

Kings Arms
Friday 29 August
Words by June Hart
Photos by Charlette Hannah

Bionic Pixie is an appropriately named act. Think Metallica: they play metal music. You know what to expect. Think Bionic Pixie: robot music with a pixie singer.

Opening the evening for Side Kick Nick's album release party, Bionic Pixie is primarily the project of songwriter Zoe Fleury. Part spoken word, part childish tone, part husky growl, Zoe's vocals are the striking characteristic of Bionic Pixie.

Mixing electro-pop, hip hop and funk, Zoe is an energetic performer, constantly dancing (dare I say boogie-ing?) on stage. Accompanied by a drummer on an electronic kit, Zoe also picked up the sticks a couple of times, adding to the beat. There was also a DJ, playing Zoe's backing tracks, all composed by herself.

When she picked up her guitar, it seemed rather a token gesture as she didn't play much, but it added another visual element to the performance. Overall I found the singing a bit monotonous, and it was hard to hear the words.

But Bionic Pixie had people dancing and it was an entertaining beat-driven opening act.


Nick Fulton said...

One of the most boring acts in Auckland. What happened to her dad?

timothy said...

Wow nick, that's some real constructive criticism!

I've seen her twice now and that new set up was wowww.

Stage personality, energy, the best use of live and sampled beats, and vocal effects you didn't think were possible.

Don't be put off by one person that might not think much of electronic music, this is a package worth seeing!!

Jonathon said...

Nick Fulton sounds like an arrogant teenage nerd who feels better about himself when he leaves his fact-less opinions on blogs.

If you don't like something - fuck off.

I'd like to hear your band. I'd also like to know where you studied music.

Mr. Dreams of the Dead said...

i think bionic pixie was actually pretty good. I actually thought it would be bad, but it was side kick nick that was a bit boring to be honest. bionic pixie was cool, but i went in hoping that it sucked so that bengal lights wouldnt break up...

Ben said...

I'd leave Nick alone, to be honest. He's entitled to his comment - plus Zoe's not obscure enough for the Einstein Music Journal, is she now....