Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sale St
Thursday 4 December
Words and Photos by Charlette Hannah

I admit, I know next to nothing about this Kayne fellow. I don't remember him even introducing himself, but according to the bill he was opening for Gin Wigmore at Sale St on Thursday night. No surname, no MySpace, but I heard a rumour he runs/owns a music magazine. Mysterious.

All that aside, Kayne is a confident and polished performer, with an excellent blues-rock voice. Playing a mix of originals and covers with his trusty sidekick Seamus (again, we got no surname), Kayne got the excited crowd nicely warmed up.

At times Kayne really let go with his voice, giving it a roaring huskiness which took the music out of the ordinary and gave it extra depth. The rhythmic acoustic guitar between the duo had folks dancing within a few songs, all ready for Gin to come on stage.

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